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Limited Edition Holiday Hewett Field Bag

Limited Edition Holiday Hewett Field Bag


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This is the project bag we've all been dreaming of! Stunningly simple and beautifully made, these are functional to boot! With two inner pockets on either side, there is ample space to store your pattern, notebook, needles, scissors and pencils. One pocket is even equipped with three metal grommets to organize yarns for colorwork and stripe projects, keeping multiple yarns from getting tangled. A veg-tan leather handle serves as a carry loop and a braided drawstring closure keeps your project safe. Designed by Jen Hewett, these little bags are handmade in the US.

The Field Bag is intended for use as a project bag. Please note that the leather wrist strap is not designed to support heavy loads such as camera equipment or stacks of books.

9.25" x 4.5" base (14" wide at the top) x 9.5" tall